Palawan: Indigenous People and Mining Corporations

Palawan is arguably the most beautiful island of the Philippines for its mountainous terrain, powder white sands, and endemic fauna and flora. Unlike the rest of the Philippine islands, Palawan broke off from the Asian plate and stayed isolated for tens of millions of years. Hence, Palawan’s endemic fauna are different from the rest of the Philippine islands.

This unique habitat however is under threat as mining corporations identified areas of the island as suitable for mining. This short video feature offers a glimpse of the threat of species and cultural endangerment happening on the island brought about by big mining corporations.


Cesárea Innecesaria

Muy buena campaña en contra de las cesareas innecasaria y de los medicos lucrandose de algo que estan natural, el parto. El cantautor Carlos Padilla tambien estudia monos ademas de componer canciones. Apoyen el video dando de ‘like.’ Gracias!