Homing Pigeon

sometimes nostalgia
is like 7,107 shrapnel in the head:
you tease them out,
one by one–
each piece
a geometric wonder:
you arrange them back,
to recreate the whole blast.

this is an interpretation of mark leidner’s tweet: exes fucking each other like shrapnel trying to rebecome a bomb.


Palawan: Indigenous People and Mining Corporations

Palawan is arguably the most beautiful island of the Philippines for its mountainous terrain, powder white sands, and endemic fauna and flora. Unlike the rest of the Philippine islands, Palawan broke off from the Asian plate and stayed isolated for tens of millions of years. Hence, Palawan’s endemic fauna are different from the rest of the Philippine islands.

This unique habitat however is under threat as mining corporations identified areas of the island as suitable for mining. This short video feature offers a glimpse of the threat of species and cultural endangerment happening on the island brought about by big mining corporations.

Time Travelling has moved to a new home…

Hello readers,

After a month long deliberation, I decided to move time travelling to a new home, anthropology corner. The decision to move was spurred by a friend who helped defray the costs for building my own blog site. While the move is cumbersome, considering I have invested more than a year of effort for time travelling, I see this change as an opportunity to learn new skills–especially in website management. Of course, I do not know anything as of yet–errrr…. what’s a plug-in?–but I know I’ll get there once I get settled in my new home.

anthropology corner will still be discussing about anthropology, travel, primates, and personal stories about Puerto Rico and the Philippines. I wish you’ll follow me there too. For starters, here is the first post of anthropology corner about the Arecibo petroglyphs.



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Four Stone Hearth #106 and Some

November Updates from Time Travelling.

1. Afarensis hosts a spectacular list of good blog posts for the Four Stone Hearth 106th edition. Head there and read some of the best anthropology-related posts in the blogging world by clicking this: Four Stone Hearth #106.

2. Jigger Geverola, who had been featured here in the Behind Prison Bars post, is set to be released from prison soon after the Philippine courts dismissed the charges of rebellion levelled against him. He spent the last six years in prison as a political detainee.

3. Human rights organizations are currently in Kananga, Leyte–where botanist Leonardo Co and two other people were killed–to conduct a fact-finding mission. Apparently, one of those who was killed with Co, Forest Ranger Sofronio “Poniong” Cortez, hails from my hometown, Baybay, Leyte. A post from the Visayas State University facebook page mentioned the following:

Forest Ranger Sofronio “Poniong” Cortez who died with Dr. Leonardo Co (known botanist from UP) while measuring a century old indigenous tree was a graduate of the Visayas State University (batch ’83 or ’84 of the Forest Ranger Course according to Dr. Ed Mangaoang, Poniong’s former teacher). He has been a forest ranger of the then Philippine National Oil Company (and now the Energy Development Corporation) and from informal talks among his friends he can be relied upon when it comes to indigenous tree species in the watershed areas within the geothermal sites of Tongonan. He was also a member of Gamma Lambda Epsilon (Falcons). His wake is now in his residence in Hikgop, Caridad, Baybay, Leyte. Our condolence!

Time Travelling is one with the Philippine nation in calling for justice. Quick links about the death of the three are provided here in our blog site.

4. November 23 was the death anniversary of the Maguindanao massacre. A personal friend of mine, Atty. Cynthia Oquendo, was killed in this election-related violence together with 57 other victims. Days after the incident happened, we wrote a blog entitled, On the Maguindanao Massacre, decrying the spate of murders of journalists and activists happening in the Philippines during the reign of then-President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. For this, we light another candle for the victims, praying that justice will finally be served.

5. Time Travelling (bonvito) is one of the finalists for the Philippine Blog Awards (Visayas). Great news!

6. Finally, a lot of people here in Puerto Rico asked me if Filipinos celebrate Thanksgiving. So here’s a Facebook quote from Xiomara Demeterio Glindmeyer that will end all of these questions:

People have asked me if the Philippines celebrate Thanksgiving which is a ridiculous question. We never had Columbus come to our shores. We had Magellan and we greeted him by lopping his head off.

Kalikasan PNE condemns killing of top Filipino botanist

Kalikasan PNE condemns killing of top Filipino botanist

We strongly condemn the senseless killing of environmental scientist Leonardo Co, forest guard Sofronio Cortez and peasant Julius Borromeo. We demand an immediate and independent investigation of the incident. The loss of the three, particularly Leonardo Co is a big loss not only to the scientific community but also to the cause of environmental conservation in the country.

The three are part of the five-man environmental research team studying biodiversity in the Manawan Kananga Watershed in Leyte. The team was commissioned by the Lopez-owned Energy Development Corp. (EDC).

The Philippine Army 19th Infantry Battalion (IB) under the 802nd Infantry Brigade should be held responsible for the death of the three. Lt. Col. Federico Tutaan, commanding officer of the 19th IB, admitted that the soldiers have the vantage position and started the firefight. Given the situation, the Philippine Army should have prioritized the protection and safety of the civilians. They apparently did not conduct desired protocols to validate and secure the presence of civilians in the area, especially since the environmental research team was said to have gotten clearance from the military to conduct a research.

The Lopez-owned Energy Development Corporation (EDC) has also much to account for in the incident. According to the 802nd Infantry, the EDC was the one informed them of the presence of the rebels in the area. Since the EDC was the one which commissioned the study, it was incumbent upon it to secure the safety of the research team.

The report has raised too many questions on the reported crossfire. Family and friends call for a thorough and independent investigation of the issue, especially since it involves powerful corporations as well as the military. The Kalikasan PNE joins the calls for thorough investigation and demands that no white wash of the issue be allowed.

The death of the three has put the number of environmentalists killed in the country to a total of 36 since 2001. The incident marks the first case of killing of environmentalists under the Aquino administration. Based on the monitoring of Kalikasan PNE, most of the killings of environmentalists are allegedly done by military and paramilitary forces. The incidences of the killings are also in areas where there is high concentration of military forces or intense militarization. Controversial projects which are environmentally destructive such as commercial logging and large-scale mining most often than not are found in these areas

Leonard Co is known in the environmental community to have done pioneering and trailblazing studies in Philippine biodiversity. He is hailed as the country’s best plant taxonomist and staunch advocate of forest conservation and restoration using native tree and plant species. Rafflesia leonardi an endemic parasitic plant specie, one of the biggest flower in the Philippines, were named after Leonardo Co.

Press conference at the UP Institute of Biology, Diliman, QC, Nov. 19. Dr. Ong is its director.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Quick Links: Updates on the Murder of Botanist Leonardo Co

The links here will be constantly updated.

News articles:

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Leonardo Co

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‘Bullets did not come from soldiers,’ says AFP commander on crossfire casualties

NDF-EV condemns yet another 19th IB massacre claiming the lives of a distinguished scientist and his two assistants

Cayetano seeks independent probe into botanist’s death



Tribute to the slain botanist, Leonardo Co:

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Leonard Co (1953-2010), Filipino botanist

Work of Leonard Co on medicinal plants

In Memoriam: Leonardo L. Co (1953-2010),  by Jerry Gracio on Wednesday, November 17, 2010 at 1:36am

Leonard Co (1953-2010), Filipino botanist

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Leonardo Co

Facebook Page: Leonardo L. Co: In Memoriam

R. leonardi is named after slain botanist

Rafflesia leonardi, also known as the ‘corpse’ or ‘meat’ flower, is named after the late Dr. Leonardo Co of Conservation International. This rare species was discovered in the coastal town of Lallo, Cagayan province in May 2008. Describing this species, Julie Barcelona et al wrote in an abstract:

Rafflesia leonardi is the eighth species of Rafflesia described from the Philippines and the fourth species from Luzon island. it most closely resembles R. lobata and R. manillana in perigone colour and wart ornamentations and in the wide aperture relative to diaphragm diameter. it is, however, different from both of these and other Philippine Rafflesia species in its flower size and disk that lacks or has rudimentary processes.

For more information on this species and the man, please click below:

Rafflesia leonardi

Rafflesia leonardi – honoring an unsung hero of Philippine Botany

Leonard Co (1953-2010), Filipino botanist

For the Facebook page of Dr. Leonard Co:

Leonard L. Co: In Memoriam