The Florida Aquarium Photos

Here are some of the wildlife we saw in the Florida Aquarium in Tampa Bay. For a small fee, we were able to visit their impressive collection displayed in specific habitat type. Aside from the place being educational (e.g. ideal for kids), the aquarium is also involved in marine conservation and research around the Tampa Bay estuary and in the Caribbean.




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2 thoughts on “The Florida Aquarium Photos

  1. I visited here once before with my daughter. I was very impressed with the place, except that I got tired and lost interest after a while. My daughter however, kept dragging me to the next exhibit and the next exhibit until I guess I saw it all.

    1. i went with my 5-year old daughter there for the first time. she was very impressed by everything, including the boat cruise in the Tampa Bay (though she slept on the way back). She’s been snorkeling in the Caribbean since last year and I should say that the aquarium visit was perfect for her than the Disneyland adventures in Orlando.

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