IPS Seeks Applicants for the IPS Cancun Pre-Congress Training Program

Here’s a reblog of the International Primatological Society’s announcement. Time Travelling is hoping that Filipino primate conservationists and primatologists will grab this training opportunity. From the IPS website:

IPS is pleased to announce that an IPS Pre-Congress Training Program (PCTP) is being organized for the 2012 congress. The PCTP will be held in Cancun, from 9-12 August 2012. A select number of primatologists from primate habitat countries will be offered support to enable them to participate in this Training Program, together with a small number of primatologists serving as guest lecturers and mentors.

This 3.5 day event includes presentations on a variety of top conservation topics – such as habitat fragmentation, disease transmission, primate tourism, human-wildlife conflict, etc. We include case study analysis, problem solving tasks, and discussion sessions that allow participants to share their own experiences and compare notes with colleagues working around the world. This is a valuable opportunity for new primate conservationists to network with others – and learn some of the most important methods and strategies used in primate conservation today.

Eligible applicants include citizens of primate habitat countries who work with primate conservation and are relatively new to their professions. We especially seek applicants for whom this training will play an important role in their education and career. (Note: participants of previous IPS Pre-Congress Training Programs are not eligible to apply.)

The deadline for applications is December 15, 2011. Applications will be accepted only by email and will consist of a completed form that includes a 500-word summary of your reasons for wanting to attend the PCTP and a short resume (CV). For more information, please contact Dr. Janette Wallis: email: janettewallis at sbcglobal.net

Application Form


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