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Here is a bulletpoint note on two articles about Islam from my class on Anthropology of Religion. My professor, the deceased Dr. Harold Olofson, assigned me to discuss these two classic anthropology articles on the subject back in my undergraduate days. While many papers have been written on the subject since, I think it is always nice to visit important articles so that we can have a long-view, a historical perspective, of the current discussion on Islam, anthropology, and religion. I also hope this helps student researchers get a quick read for their assignments or use it as a note for class discussion.

1982. “The Study of Islam in Local Contexts,” Contributions to Asian Studies 17: 1-16

1976. “The Generation of an Incipient Ethnic Split: A Hausa Case,” Anthropos vol. 71, #5-6, pp. 857-867.

To access the notes, please click here.


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