Four Stone Hearth #106 and Some

November Updates from Time Travelling.

1. Afarensis hosts a spectacular list of good blog posts for the Four Stone Hearth 106th edition. Head there and read some of the best anthropology-related posts in the blogging world by clicking this: Four Stone Hearth #106.

2. Jigger Geverola, who had been featured here in the Behind Prison Bars post, is set to be released from prison soon after the Philippine courts dismissed the charges of rebellion levelled against him. He spent the last six years in prison as a political detainee.

3. Human rights organizations are currently in Kananga, Leyte–where botanist Leonardo Co and two other people were killed–to conduct a fact-finding mission. Apparently, one of those who was killed with Co, Forest Ranger Sofronio “Poniong” Cortez, hails from my hometown, Baybay, Leyte. A post from the Visayas State University facebook page mentioned the following:

Forest Ranger Sofronio “Poniong” Cortez who died with Dr. Leonardo Co (known botanist from UP) while measuring a century old indigenous tree was a graduate of the Visayas State University (batch ’83 or ’84 of the Forest Ranger Course according to Dr. Ed Mangaoang, Poniong’s former teacher). He has been a forest ranger of the then Philippine National Oil Company (and now the Energy Development Corporation) and from informal talks among his friends he can be relied upon when it comes to indigenous tree species in the watershed areas within the geothermal sites of Tongonan. He was also a member of Gamma Lambda Epsilon (Falcons). His wake is now in his residence in Hikgop, Caridad, Baybay, Leyte. Our condolence!

Time Travelling is one with the Philippine nation in calling for justice. Quick links about the death of the three are provided here in our blog site.

4. November 23 was the death anniversary of the Maguindanao massacre. A personal friend of mine, Atty. Cynthia Oquendo, was killed in this election-related violence together with 57 other victims. Days after the incident happened, we wrote a blog entitled, On the Maguindanao Massacre, decrying the spate of murders of journalists and activists happening in the Philippines during the reign of then-President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. For this, we light another candle for the victims, praying that justice will finally be served.

5. Time Travelling (bonvito) is one of the finalists for the Philippine Blog Awards (Visayas). Great news!

6. Finally, a lot of people here in Puerto Rico asked me if Filipinos celebrate Thanksgiving. So here’s a Facebook quote from Xiomara Demeterio Glindmeyer that will end all of these questions:

People have asked me if the Philippines celebrate Thanksgiving which is a ridiculous question. We never had Columbus come to our shores. We had Magellan and we greeted him by lopping his head off.


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