R. leonardi is named after slain botanist

Rafflesia leonardi, also known as the ‘corpse’ or ‘meat’ flower, is named after the late Dr. Leonardo Co of Conservation International. This rare species was discovered in the coastal town of Lallo, Cagayan province in May 2008. Describing this species, Julie Barcelona et al wrote in an abstract:

Rafflesia leonardi is the eighth species of Rafflesia described from the Philippines and the fourth species from Luzon island. it most closely resembles R. lobata and R. manillana in perigone colour and wart ornamentations and in the wide aperture relative to diaphragm diameter. it is, however, different from both of these and other Philippine Rafflesia species in its flower size and disk that lacks or has rudimentary processes.

For more information on this species and the man, please click below:

Rafflesia leonardi

Rafflesia leonardi – honoring an unsung hero of Philippine Botany

Leonard Co (1953-2010), Filipino botanist

For the Facebook page of Dr. Leonard Co:

Leonard L. Co: In Memoriam


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