Primo, the Infant Tarsier

This is a video we took of an infant tarsier sometime in mid-2000 during our fieldwork in Corella, Bohol. Carlito Pizarras chanced on this infant whose mother was eaten by a stray cat (i.e., feral cats are the primary predators of tarsiers).

Only about a week old when he was found, Primo–the infant tarsier–was nursed back to health. Nong Lito later released the tarsier back to the forest sanctuary of the Philippine Tarsier Foundation, Inc. (PTFI) after a few months.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


2 thoughts on “Primo, the Infant Tarsier

  1. it’s good to stumble on my former professor’s blog here. well thanks for that tarsier. it should not just deserve a proper care but a lasting gratitude for leading me in your site. should you wonder, i was one of the activists from the philo majors back in san carlos.

    interesting site you have here sir. =)

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