Santurce Mural: Surreal Streets

We roamed around the city streets of Santurce, Puerto Rico last weekend and photographed the murals and graffiti splashed on the building walls. Armed with an ordinary digital camera, we scoured the district’s backstreet, stopping once in a while to revel at the works of these street artists. We were particularly impressed with the surrealist artwork that abounds in this area. The mural draws inspiration from the animal world (sea and land creatures). This work juxtaposes animal elements to create mythic figures that challenge any attempt at interpretation.

At first, we thought that this was a take on Santurce’s jungle of urban spaces: its uneven architecture of abandoned buildings, empty lots, historical structures, economic centers, and tourist bars. The obra seems to represent the artists’ attempt at rendering a creative sense to this world, Santurce’s simultaneous state of urban decay and renewal. Although a nice train of thought, we abandoned rationalizing and instead glared at the mishmash of  paint before us. Afterall, the very anonymity of the street artist (at least to us because we don’t know how to read tags) renders his/her creative process inaccessible.

So there we were, standing before it, enjoying the visual pleasure of this street artist’s attempt to subvert our imagination.

1. Rooster-crocodile-shoes

2. the guy

3. finger points down

4. zebra-giraffe

4. the octopus that got ripped out

5. the tag next to the mural

6. the fish umbrella

7. whale and others

8. The beetle (not a mural and not from santurce, but we’ll post this anyway because it’s a beautiful baroque. We took a photo of this on a beach at Guajataca)


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