Lost Aftershocks: time froze for the season finale

After six seasons, Lost finally said goodbye from primetime TV leaving all losties confused, distraught, and empty. While the season finale was emotionally cathartic, many of our questions still remain unanswered. Perhaps this was the intention of the Lost scriptwriters, leaving us viewers confounded so we can talk about alternate endings for all eternity. Here are the seven Lost topics we’ve been discussing for the past two days (aftershocks!):

  1. Why does the island move? What was the mechanics of this energy that made the characters move through time?
  2. Are they all dead? Why? When? Where? How? The plane shows Sawyer et al escaping the island yet the sideways suggests they are dead.
  3. Is everything just Jack’s dream and hallucination (i.e., the eye focus at the start and end of the series)? If so, what was he smoking? Ha! Is the healing island a metaphor of Jack’s medical practice?
  4. At what point in the series did Lost lose the science element? There was supposed to be a nice tension between mythical religion and natural science’s cold objectivity in previous episodes that the season finale just glossed over.
  5. If Richard survived the plane ride, how is he gonna deal with the (in)conveniences of present time?
  6. What is the story of Jacob’s mom? Who (what?) are the Others? Who is the son of Jack?
  7. Of course, we discussed too whether smoke monster is reptilian in its vocal repertoire.

Smoke Monster Vocal Repertoire

After the season finale ended, we stood in shock (and laughter) as Carla’s sister, Patricia, posted these messages:


3 thoughts on “Lost Aftershocks: time froze for the season finale

  1. if they were candidates because they were all “broken”, why they are not “broken” in the sideflash? coz in the end of the sideflash, they still went to the island, right? i mean, they came from there….or are they still “broken”? what is the truth? ahhhh…is there more than one truth? :8

  2. if the crash of oceanic 815 was “caused” by Desmond, when he was not able to encode the numbers in the computer (coz he was fighting that one guy that was there before him in the hatch, and that was leaving the island and leaving desmond all alone there)…then, why or how were they “chosen” before by jacob? remember, jacob touched them, some of them early in their lives, some later….

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