UPR strike theme song

The UPR student protesters’ hit song found its way to my inbox but we can’t post it here in wordpress unless time travelling gets a space upgrade. Luckily, we found a youtube version of the song (posted below).

The music got a nice beat to it, techno-ish and quite danceable. Fun and protests really go hand in hand in this part of the world. The students mix theater, dance, songs, concerts, poetry reading, and others to keep their voices heard in the din of the politicians’ call to end the strike. As a result, they have been headline news for the past month. Even Ricky Martin has kept his ears open to what the students are saying.

The issue is serious but these youths surely know how to put a dash of good times in the middle of all the chaos. The police are instructed to deny food and water to the students inside the campus. Yesterday, a father was manhandled and then arrested for giving food to his son, one of the protesters manning the university barricade. As sad as that story is, the students are still spreading the cheers with fists raised and clenched.

Laughter is indeed radical.

Compañeros, sinpañeros,

Este ha sido el hit de la huelga.
History of strikes at UPR

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