Now Online: Anthropology News April Edition

The April edition of AN is now available focusing on anthropology’s relationship with journalism. Below are the AN articles posted at the American Anthropological Association webpage:

S Elizabeth Bird
Anthropological Engagement with News Media: Why Now?

Dominic Boyer
Divergent Temporalities: On the Division of Labor between Journalism and Anthropology

Maria D Vesperi
Attend to the Differences First: Conflict and Collaboration in Anthropology and Journalism

Mark Allen Peterson
Journalism as Trope

Shannon May
Rethinking Anonymity in Anthropology: A Question of Ethics

Barbara J King
Reviewing Books in Popular Media: Anthropologists as Authors and Critics

Gary Feinman
Science and Public Debate: A Role for Archaeology in Today’s News Media

This month’s issue also features the photo essay “An Intimate Observer: Shooting the Daily News with an Ethnographic Lens” by Anna Batcheller. To see these photos, please visit our Flickr page.


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