Eulogy for a Hermit Crab by Pattiann Rogers

Hermit Crab in Manati

Eulogy for a Hermit Crab by Pattiann Rogers

You were consistently brave
On these surf-drenched rocks, in and out of their salty
Slough holes around which the entire expanse
Of the glinting grey sea and the single spotlight
Of the sun went spinning and spinning and spinning
In a tangle of blinding spume and spray
And pistol-shot collisions your whole life long.
You stayed. Even with the wet icy wind of the moon
Circling your silver case night after night after night
You were here.
And by the gritty curve of your claws,
By the soft, wormlike grip
Of your hinter body, by the unrelieved wonder
Of your black-pea eyes, by the unrelieved wonder
And swing and swing of your touching antennae,
You maintained your name meticulously, you kept
Your name intact exactly, day after day after day.
No one could say you were less than perfect
In the hermitage of your crabness.
Now, beside the racing, incomprehensible racket
Of the sea stretching its great girth forever
Back and forth between this direction and another,
Please let the words of this proper praise I speak
Become the identical and proper sound
Of my mourning.


17 thoughts on “Eulogy for a Hermit Crab by Pattiann Rogers

  1. I like how the metaphors and similes are flipped! It realy puts a twist on how to understand this poem, plus putting out a eulogy for a hermit crab is great. Poor hermit crap. *tear.* Thanks!

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