PSPP: Open Source Alternative to SPSS

Instead of buying SPSS, PSPP is a free alternative to existing commercial statistical packages, perfect for Philippine academics, researchers, and students who are on a tight budget but need a good software to run their numbers. For those who are interested in installing this program on their computers, please visit the GNU PSPP site.

The blog of Doug Ferguson’s Communication Research class got video tutorials that helps us get acquainted with the program.


2 thoughts on “PSPP: Open Source Alternative to SPSS

  1. There is very little PSPP can do yet. It may be suitable for some very simple analyses but it won’t be suitable for most situations.

    I recommend that academics on a tight budget use other free software such as R. R is command driven and has a fairly steep learning curve, but it can do many things very well.

    There are other good statistical programs, which are more specialised. There are data visualisations programs, such as GGobi and Mondrian. There are specialised time series programs such as Gretl (which is a lot like the proprietary software EViews). There are specialised machine learning / data-mining programs such as Weka and Tanagra.

    Here is a long list of links to free statistics software:

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