The Facebook Statuses Poem

Facebooking is fun. I got sucked in good with that social networking site due to mobwars, a role playing mafiosi game, where I get to die and resurrect with ease. While am waiting for my “stamina” to go up, I collected the statuses of my facebook friends and created a Dada poem of sorts which I posted below. You’re right. Am just dead bored and not in the mood to blog anything serious at the moment.

chatting with Jennie
sore AND sleepy
chilling and
under probation
desperate for a pet dog
giving up isn’t an option.
A one armed man hanging from a skyscraper with itchy bollocks.
why are there life jackets in airplanes and no parachutes ?
Please help out!!

thinking sensei really needs to be put in his place.
attacks for no reason
Who is this guy?
thinking not that long now
wants to do something bad to his former landlord
anger is a gift:

You killed Maserati Marc and claimed the bounty of $4,427,374,016.
DisGoodTing has killed Gifford El Barone Smedley and claimed your bounty of $740,897,424.
GoldenKing has added you to the hit list for $1,220,523,840.
You killed Vincenso Fratelli and claimed the bounty of $4,877,273,680

just buried daddy.
wants you so badly
frustrasted about still not feeling better.
totally, completely, all out exhausted.
looking for her missing pieces.
realized Ginger left clothes at my place.
will unwillingly try to resort to positive thinking
ul nvr know how strong u r, until being strong is d only choice u have..

Good Morning
needs a hug
back online punch please
sick of “Page Load Errors” In Mob Wars
going back to bed


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