I haven’t been blogging for a while though I enjoyed it a while back. I started writing online as a contributor to cyberjournalism sites. Those days, my writing output (albeit few) was mostly politically-oriented: dealing with global and local issues that I felt were important.

Now that am transplanted from the Pacific to the Caribbean, I would like to share my insights and experiences to my family, friends, and maybe a tiny slice of the online world. This is my way of finding a cozy online getaway where I can be zen-like reflexive or just plainly be chewing the cud.

Well, I decided to blog because somehow the situation that am in gives me a certain angle, a prism if you will, of what Caribbean life is like. So, carpe diem it is.


2 thoughts on “blogging

  1. Like the uncertainty of tides that cut across the homeland baybayon
    to the fickleness of sand dune that crests along slopes in arabian Jabal.
    We carry memories alongside of the cross over. Will we be able to catch the next flight to ferry us back to where those memories be appended? Or we just embrace this present and soon drag us to a dwindling future. Stable like we puddle on a lake or may be rough as we do it on an open ocean. But like it is geographically situated. Unstable but with wide option to move around? Or stillness, but with limited option to enjoy the ride. Was there any options ment for us? Or choices has its on way to be percieved as fate. Or this may just be an irony of optimism. Maybe during these times we learn to pray again and hope for a good life not for us but for those who longed for us. Or we make wishes as we do during our birthdays while we were toddlers in these different weight of wants and an unkown level of experience. We have gone across borderlies and yet we remain still… still… the person who was me. same as I wish for you padi. Life has shifted from struggle to choices. We’ve learned a lot to correct choices and here we are. Sitting on a chair at the other side of the globe. The conclusion to all of this is what matters and not how and why we change our objectives. God Bless us all padi and to our beloved families and friends..
    Mingaw man diri padi. wala nako ka tilaw ug beer for three weeks. musta ko Gabi and Carla. Amping padi.

  2. Tiniris ni Manny ang Cotto (pun intended). ang makalolooy ang asawa ug gamay nga anak nila nga gidala aron mutan-aw sa fight. aruy, nakit-an man ang ilang ama nga gikulata sa ring. unta si Manny magpabiling mapaubsanon.
    kamusta kamo dira mga bisdak!

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